Commons debates events in Tunisia

Speaking in the House of Commons following the Prime Minister’s statement on events in Tunisia, Keith Simpson pays tribute to the dozens of Tunisians who worked at the hotel and risked their lives protecting and helping British tourists.

Mr Keith Simpson (Broadland) (Con): Understandably, we have centred on one young Tunisian man who carried out this massacre, and possibly some other Tunisians who supported him, but should we not also put it on record that dozens of Tunisians who worked at that hotel risked their lives protecting and helping our tourists? That should be the beacon that supports the Tunisian tourist industry and encourages people to visit Tunisia.
The Prime Minister: My right hon. Friend makes a very important point. There were some extraordinary stories of courage and heroism by local Tunisian people who were appalled by what this man was doing, and that is a great credit to their country.


As you may know from the press and media coverage, parliamentary emails were hacked over on 22/23 June.  My email account was one of those hacked and I am therefore letting you know in case you have contacted me via email.

I have reported the matter to the Information Commissioner’s Office as a breach of data protection.

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